Tuatara smartphone cases are expressive, adaptable, impact and scratch resistant.

Wondering what on earth a Tuatara is? Put simply, it’s a ruggedly ancient creature that somehow managed to outlive the dinosaurs and still roams New Zealand today. As we say in New Zealand, they’re “kiwi as”.  Tuataras keep themselves looking fresh and trendy by shedding their skin regularly – something you can now do with our phone covers!

Here at Tuatara our thinking is that who better to design a phone case for you than, well, you! That's why we've introduced the 'Create a Case' feature where you can upload the image you want on your phone and style it to your liking before sending it through to us to create. It's an easy three step process to design your very own cover!

If you are not sure what design you want on your case we have plenty of Designer Covers available for you to choose from. We have collaborated with some of our favourite designers to produce imagery that will set your Tuatara case apart from the rest. We're always on the hunt for further talented designers that we can work with to develop more ranges for you to choose from. If you know of any designers you'd love to see on our covers then send us a message, we'd love to hear from you!

Wanting to do the Tuatara proud, our stylish phone covers offer the highest standard in impact protection and scratch resistant for your phone case. We use innovative technology to create and integrate the designs directly into your phone cover meaning it will not scratch off. With high durability and a slim, yet flexible, style your phone will look as good tomorrow as it does today. So say goodbye to that mollycoddling (overprotective) nonsense you’ve become so used to, and let your phone live a little!  

Choose from one of our designer ranges or create your own cover today!




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