Monster iPhone 4 & 4S

iPhone 4 & 4S

Gallery CK

Christopher Kelleher of Gallery CK is an artist we are excited to bring you designs from. Chris created mostly through improvisation and he sets out to build a relationship between marks focusing on movement, form and light.  His paintings and drawings often are illustrative, yet the imagery stands iconic and can be interpreted differently by the individual viewer. Enjoy!

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Product Features:

To find out the advantages of a Tuatara iPhone 4 & 4S case you’ll need to scratch beneath the surface. Or, at least, try to...

Diamond-hard toughness. An impact and scratch resistant Tuatara cover provides phone protection to the greatest levels – as long as you don’t drop your phone onto an object that directly impacts the screen. While covering the side and back of the phone, you’ll still have access to all controls and ports.

Crystal-clear design. Our cover making technique goes beyond the surface, meaning cover graphics continue to stay clear and pretty as a picture.

Full flexibility. Designed to deliver optimum protection, the cover will fit your phone like a glove.

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