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Here at Tuatara Covers we like to think outside the box… or in our case, the phone cover.


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We thought it was about time someone came up with a way of creating a phone cover that could withstand the rough and tumble of life. So we took it upon ourselves to do just that. Being the proud kiwis we are, we couldn’t think of a better model for our covers than the mighty Tuatara (pronounced TOO-AH-TAH-RAH). Being the world’s most ancient living reptiles, Tuataras are as tough as nails and have managed to outlive the dinosaurs. As we say in New Zealand, they’re “kiwi as”.  This NZ native is pretty clever and can change its colour to match its surroundings whenever it pleases. Tuataras keep themselves looking fresh and trendy by shedding their skin regularly – something you can now do with our phone covers!

Wanting to do the Tuatara proud we took our time to make sure we had the most indestructible phone cover possible. We then turned to what they’d look like. After a quick brainstorm and many chats with friends we realized that it shouldn’t be up to us – it should be up to you! Here at Tuatara we want to give you the power, we want you to have a bit of fun designing your own phone cover so that you end up with one that suits you to a tee. We'll take your design and embed it in the phone case to produce a high quality cover that's personalized to YOU.

We have created covers that are scratch resistant, fade resistant, impact resistant, flexible plus protective of the phone screen (which often is the first thing to crack!). So say goodbye to that mollycoddling (overprotective) nonsense you’ve become so used to, and let your phone live a little!

If you run out of your own design ideas, then choose one of the designs we prepared earlier. We are collaborating with our favourite designers from all over the world to offer you more than just a cover, we're offering you limited edition works of art.

We're sure that once you start expressing yourself through your cover you won't stop. After all, the Tuatara changes its protective skin up to 7 times a year!

So show your creative side with a Tuatara phone case and let us know how you get on. We love getting your feedback on the product.


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